Btech Paani Puri Wali



We provide healthy street food by offering menu items that are nutritious, low in calories and saturated fat, and high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Moreover, we provide nutritional information and offer alternative options for people with dietary restrictions, which can also contribute to healthier street food.
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About Us

My name is Tapsi Upadhyay and I am from BTech Paanipuri Wali. We serve healthy paani puri cooked using an air fryer, which offers numerous health benefits. We prioritize hygiene and take great care to maintain it during the entire preparation process. We wear gloves while preparing the food and serve it while wearing gloves as well.

Our start-up aims to provide healthy food and snacks options on the street. We are starting with paani puri and plan to introduce many other healthy food items to offer the healthiest street food ever. Our overall concept is to make healthy options available, with utmost hygiene and at an affordable price.

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