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B.TECH PAANI PURI WALI™ is a street food brand established in November 2022. Our mission is to promote healthy living by creating healthiest street food, starting with air-fried paani puri made with natural and handpicked ingredients. Our aim is to create a healthful India, and we are committed to provide wholesome and guilt-free food to the nation with that perfect taste.We aim to enhance consciousness regarding the significance of wholesome nourishment and sustaining a robust life by disseminating informative material pertaining to wellness and sustenance through our social media channels.




Hi, I am Tapsi, 21 years old, founder of B.TECH PAANI PURI WALI™ & hailed as one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs. After running a restaurant for a year in Bangalore, my team and I pivoted to offer a healthier alternative to the classic street food: Air-fried Paani puri. By utilizing this innovative cooking technique, our Paani puris offer numerous health benefits while maintaining the delicious taste that people know and love.I am grateful for the recognition and appreciation that our startup has received, including articles in news blogs and appreciation certificate from Radiocity FM.

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