Master the Art of Making Authentic Pani Puri at Home: BTech Pani Puri Wali’s Ultimate Recipe

Pani Puri, also known as Golgappa or Puchka in various regions of India, is a beloved street food made of crispy fried whole wheat or semolina spheres filled with spiced potatoes and spicy flavoured water. The name “Pani Puri” is derived from ‘Pani,’ meaning water (specifically spiced tangy water), and ‘Puri,’ referring to the fried whole wheat or semolina spheres. This popular street food goes by different names across the country. In Delhi, Punjab, and parts of northern India, it’s referred to as Golgappa; in Uttar Pradesh, it’s known as Pani Ke Batashe, in Haryana, it’s called Pani Patashi; in Bihar and Bengal, you’ll hear it called Puchka; and in Madhya Pradesh, it’s known as Fulki. The Mumbai variant of Pani Puri is a favourite and one of the famous Indian street snack, featuring the crispy fried whole wheat or semolina spheres filled with spiced potatoes, a blend of meethi chutney and tangy spiced water. For the best Pani Puri in Delhi, simply type “Pani Puri near me,” and BTech Pani Puri Wali will be at your service! Our Pani Puri recipe promises a savoury, spicy, and delightful burst of flavours. You can easily recreate this popular street food at home with the simple recipe provided below or by watching our step-by-step video. Pani Puri is a must-have during the Holi holiday, along with other chaat dishes like Dahi Puri (which is also available at BTech Pani Puri Wali and one of our best seller), enjoyed with friends and family. When you take a bite of the crispy Pani Puri, you’ll experience a spicy and savoury kick from the spiced water, a hint of sweetness from the meetha chutney, a satisfying crunch from the Puri, and a soft, flavourful filling of potatoes.

Wondering how to prepare Healthy and Tasty Pani Puri at home?

To craft the perfect Pani Puri, follow these essential steps: Prepare the Teekha Pani Gather ingredients like ginger, black peppercorns, green chilies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt, black salt (kala namak), roasted cumin powder, lime juice, tamarind paste, Hing (Asafoetida), dry mango powder (optional for added extra tartness), and boondi to prepare the flavourful tangy spicy water. Prepare the Meethi Chutney For the sweet meethi chutney, you’ll need jaggery (gur), dates (khajur), tamarind, red chilli powder, salt, roasted cumin powder, black salt (kala namak), and fennel powder (saunf). Prepare the Potato Stuffing Make the potato stuffing using boiled, peeled, and diced potatoes, boiled and coarsely chopped moong sprouts, and sukha masala (a blend of salt, coriander powder, black salt, and red chili powder). Prepare the Puri Combine semolina (sooji) or whole wheat flour (atta) with water and a touch of oil. Knead the mixture into a dough and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Shape the dough into small balls, roll them into small puris, and air-fry or bake them for a healthier twist. Once you’ve completed these steps, assembling the Pani Puri is a breeze – first delicately crack a hole at the top of a hollow puri, stuff the puri with a blend of spiced potatoes, chickpeas or lentils, along with a drizzle of tangy tamarind chutney. Finally, submerge the stuffed puri into a spicy tangy and flavourful Pani, and relish the burst of taste in one delightful bite and then enjoy the heavenly explosion of flavours as you savour each and every bite. At BTech Pani Puri Wali, we take the pride in serving our customers with love, taste, and passion! Experience the best of air-fried and healthy Pani Puri, ensuring both the taste and health are never compromised. Home delivery is also available!

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